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Be careful with your drinks in Voi,spikers on the prowl!



It was supposed to be an enjoyable weekend for Isaac, who works at the Voi section of the Standard Gauge Railway. He had just received his end of month dues and to cool off his frayed nerves, he decided to patronise one of night clubs in the town.

“I had just withdrawn 20, 000 shillings. From that  amount I bought a new smart phone worth 11,000 and decided to enjoy myself by having beer in a popular joint in town,” said Isaac.

He says after sipping three beers he decided to shift to another bar saying the particular one he had started off “was boring”.

Isaac says he found a number of revelers enjoying drinks in the second club, some of whom he new, and decided to join in. The party turned lively as some ladies joined in and the fun reached fever pitch with good music playing and drinks flowing freely.

“I thought I was in the right company and did not suspect anything would go wrong. One of the ladies agreed to spend the night with me and I obliged, not knowing that the worst was yet to come” he says  ruefully adding, “What I remember is booking a guest room in the town with the lady”.

However, poor Isaac was to wake up in the morning to find the guest room door wide open ,his identification documents strewn  on the floor, his new smart phone and all the money gone.

“I could feel sharp pains through my stomach, only to realise that something had gone badly awry. The woman had spiked the drinks.”
This is the rather unnerving and chilling habit targeting  careless drunks  which is on 
the rise in Voi town,Taita-Taveta County. A  number of people have fallen victim to  the nefarious acts of spikers.

                                                       financial fortunes

The dirty habit has reached higher levels following the increase in the number of call girls and commercial sex workers flocking into the town to cash in on the financial fortunes of those working with the SGR project, with most of those compensated for their land and structures using their money on debauchery.
From snuff(ugoro)  to sedatives, otherwise referred to as sleep inducing drugs, the danger stalking drunkards is very real.

Some of the sedatives can keep the victim unconscious for 8 hours, posing a real danger of being robbed or causing serious accidents for those who drink and drive.
A trader who only identified himself as Ngeti says he almost  fell victim to spikers.
The businessman who supplies timber and construction poles in Voi town from Taita said he had just concluded a lucrative deal and landed over sh100,000.
After the business deal Ngeti walked into one of the night clubs to enjoy a drink.
"Barely had I taken three beers than three good looking call girls joined me on the table. They exchanged knowing glances, but by then I had not suspected anything fishy. Instead I bought each of them a drink," says the trader.
Ngeti says that after the ladies had taken two beers each, they left for the "ladies" and after a short while only one returned to the table where he was sitting still enjoying his drink.
"From the look of things I could tell there was something fishy. However, luck was on my side", says Ngeti.
"After I bought the call girl another drink, she opened up and confided to me that her other two colleagues had gone to pick sedatives  to lace my drink so that I could fall asleep before they emptied my pockets for cash and other valuables," says the trader.

Ngeti says he downed his drink quickly and left the nightclub in a huff .
This is just one fine illustration of the danger posed by spikers, most of them call girls. They know their work pretty well, as they do their targets. They seem to know who has money and how they will lure you into their company before they spike your drink.
Some of the call girls have male accomplices who they work with in these nefarious undertakings. On many occasions, they will accompany you to spend a night together shortly after they have spiked your drink. Once you fall asleep, they call in their male accomplices and
clean your pockets.
A gemstone dealer from Mwatate town says  he also fell victim to the female spikers.

“I left one of the bars at around 9 pm and headed for the Voi bus park to board a matatu to Mwatate. However, I became unconscious while waiting, only to wake up at 5 in the morning, with all my money and mobile phone gone,” he says.
"Any responsible drinker should beware of whose company he keeps. Drinking with strangers might expose one to wrong company such as spikers out to steal from them once induced into sleep with drugs",
says  Emmanuel Maina,  a manager in one of the nightclubs in Voi. Spiking of drinks is a reality in the town. As such revelers should ensure that they go out with people they can trust so that in case of any trouble one can get assistance,” says Maina.


After I bought the call girl another drink, she opened up and confided to me that her other two colleagues had gone to pick sedatives to lace my drink so that I could fall asleep before they emptied my pockets for cash and other valuables.

Ngeti-a trade in Taita-Taveta

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