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Advertising feature:TAVEVO: Tackling Taita-Taveta water problems,one project at a time
Advertising feature:TAVEVO: Tackling Taita-Taveta water problems,one project at a time
Advertising feature:TAVEVO: Tackling Taita-Taveta water problems,one project at a time
Advertising feature:TAVEVO: Tackling Taita-Taveta water problems,one project at a time
Advertising feature:TAVEVO: Tackling Taita-Taveta water problems,one project at a time
Advertising feature:TAVEVO: Tackling Taita-Taveta water problems,one project at a time
Advertising feature:TAVEVO: Tackling Taita-Taveta water problems,one project at a time


Taita-Taveta Water and Sewerage Company(TAVEVO).

Tavevo water and Sewerage Company(TAVEVO) was contracted on 6  June 2006. Before then water and sanitation services were maintained and operated by  the then Voi Municipal council . Water supply serves a population of approx 80,000.Average area covered by the scheme is 150km square. The scheme has an average monthly water production of 336,960 cubic metres against a design capacity production of 420,000 cubic metres per month.

Voi Water Supply

Voi water supply is set to improve immensely following the completion of the Sh 137 million,  8 inch Msinga 2 water project funded by the World Bank, through the Water and Sanitation Service Improvement Programme (Wassip).

Two tanks have been installed one near Moi stadium and another at Mwakingali hill which will go a long way in addressing water shortage problems in Voi and its environs where the supply is expected to double, with about 40,000 inhabitants being beneficiaries.

The water company in conjunction with Coast water services Board has been working hard to ensure that faulty metres are replaced at the 10 inch and 8inch at Msinga off take.

Delivery of water by bowsers continue to come in handy during  times of extreme need for the residents. The bowser KBY 200 Y  has been repaired and is  back in service.

The Coast water Services Board recently commissioned two water lorries each costing about Sh 4.1m which were officially handed over to Tavevo. This is a welcome boost in our endeavour to supply water to Taita-Taveta residents 


There is a proposal to do a pipeline extension to Ngolia/Sinai/Caanan and an estimated 80 connections with a total population of about 400 projected to benefit. A BQ has been submitted to Tavevo procurement section, Approximately Ksh. 1.2Million and awaits funding.

Laying of pipes from Kisambinyi line towards Ndile complete with a total of 580 pipes having been laid. The residents are very grateful and have started applying for connections and some have already been connected.

Maungu Water Supply

Pumping to Itinyi and Marungu have continued well except some isolated cases where there are reported power black outs. Despite that, Buguta area has  been receiving water and the operations are now smooth.

We request for the fast tracking of the HDPE pipes that were being procured by the County Government (about 500meters long) to abate the menace of frequent bursts. Only fittings for the said pipes were delivered but no pipes to be fitted.

The new motor that was supplied by Rift valley machineries for Itinyi has not yet been installed due to the pending upgrade of power. New motor would require more current than available, 75.1 Amps compared to 69 Amps available. It was agreed that Tavevo will pay the remaining Ksh. 600,000.00 to upgrade the power. The construction of the new tank at Marungu that is nearing completion is expected to improve supply to Marungu and beyond once new tank and motor installed in Itinyi.

Rukanga area has potential for water harvesting through the rock catchment to relieve the stress on the available potable water for Rukanga community water project. Tavevo Technical team is compiling a detailed/comprehensive report and BQ on the underserved area towards Rukanga.

Branding and awareness of Tavevo presence in Mackinon area is ongoing as Tavevo has now opened offices at Mackinnon road.


Mwatate Water Supply

The supply has generally been satisfactory. Operations at Mwasinenyi and Ngiriwunyi were optimal.

The construction of a steel water tank of 500 cubic meters by CWSB which was recently officially handed over to Tavevo is a major boost for Mwatate residents.

The Mwatate CDF hall is now receiving water after Tavevo was able to gain access.

Wundanyi Water Supply (Saghasa, Kichingima and Wesu)

There has not been major interruptions in this zone. However, rationing as part of our operations continues in the area.

There is need for the County Government to commission and operationalise the newly installed pumps in Wundanyi to improve the operational efficiency. The  pumps which were supplied by Rift Valley Machinery  are generally in good condition.

Kichingima is reported to be having reduced flows and our technical team is figuring out how to optimize the yield by rehabilitating and harnessing the sources/streams.

Generally Operations in Kishenyi, Wesu and Wundanyi are so far satisfactory. satisfactory.

Taveta Water Supply

The pump set at Eldoro together with the accessories was installed on Monday 25 May 2015 and operations are now smooth. Quotations for Electricity have been received from Kenya Power and cost about Ksh. 1.93 million to supply the pump house with 3 phase electricity.

Proposal for a bigger pump is underway to maximize use of Eldoro borehole.

Taveta Office “Lutheran” Borehole has also added the much needed water supply in Taveta.. The pump set was installed on August, 2014 and it is still under warranty and the Supplier, Davis and Shirtliff, has been visiting the site.  In the meantime Taveta Office borehole and Njoro Spring sources are being utilized to supply town residents. 

Summary of main activities:

The Eldoro pump has been serviced and a new motor coupled, the pump set was installed on 25 May 2015. Operations have now been normalized.

Buguta is now receiving water while pumping to Itinyi and Marungu is smooth. Challenges of frequent black outs have continued in the area and much awaited procurement of pipes by the County Government remains the solution.

Laying of Kisambinyi line is now complete and a total 580 pipes that were procured by the County Government have already been laid down. That means an additional 150 two- inch pipes are required for the water to reach Ndile area where water is a major problem. This is estimated to cost approximately Ks. 2.1 million that we request the County Government to procure.

The supply in Voi was satisfactory during the week .The faulty meters of 10inch and 8inch were recently replaced by CWSB Bulk unit. However the 10 inch meter failed to perform and is expected to be rectified by CWSB this coming week.

The procurement of 500m HDPE pipes to be laid in Maungu –Itinyi line should be fast tracked by the County Government. Only fittings were received.

On Friday 22 May 2015, TAVEVO officials visited Kasigau-Rukanga to carry out a feasibility study of underserved areas. A report is being prepared for supply of water to these areas.


Statement from  the Managing Director

Since inception in 2006 Tavevo water & sewerage co. ltd has always had clear objectives, to supply safe, clean and reliable drinking water to the people of Taita-Taveta county. This task has not been easy, considering that the infrastructure is old thus prone to frequent breakdown. In some places  there no pipeline for water supply existed before.

However since the coming in of the county government a lot of improvement has been done in terms of access to clean piped water. As the Water company for the TTCG, Tavevo water & sewerage co. ltd has had to take over the management of community based water projects. Good examples being the Mwasinenyi borehole, Eldoro water project , Kaloleni water project just but to mention a few, all which share the same story of success, which is efficient and reliable supply of water.

Going forward, Tavevo, through its partners, government agencies and CGTT will continually develop a reliable water infrastructure and take over most if not all community based water projects for efficient management so as to benefit the people its intended. We shall also work with the communities to conserve our environment and protect water catchment areas.

For our partners and other stakeholders I reiterate our commitment to ethical and professional conduct as we go about fulfilling our mandate, and that we will leave every group satisfied.

Warm regards

Habel Mwagha

Managing Director – Tavevo Water & Sewerage Co. Ltd.


Vision: To be the leading provider of quality and affordable water and sanitation services in Taita Taveta county of Coast region

Mission: To ensure provision of adequate portable piped water and sanitation services efficiently, economically and at affordable cost to the Taita- Taveta County community within the legal framework of the water Act.


Our Contacts:


Emails:info@tavevowater.co.ke, habel.salimo@tavevowater.co.ke



Captions to photos: top-down:

1.The Sh 15 m steel water tank in Mwatate with a holding capacity of 500 cubic metres.

2.The water tank at Mwakingali under the Msinga 2 water project

3.The main Msinga 2 water tank near Voi DCs office.

4.CWSB chairman Granton Samboja flags off one of the mini- lorries costing Sh 4.1m each which were officially handed over to Tavevo.

5.The Tavevo logo.

6.One of the water kiosks that supplements water supply in Mwatate.

7.Tavevo MD Habel Mwagha Salimo


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