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Voi schools warned, form new boards of management or else...
Voi schools warned, form new boards of management or else...



Schools in Voi sub-county that do not form boards of management in accordance with the education act risk having their accounts frozen, area district education officer Kennedy Machora has warned.

Mr Machora pointed out that according to the law every school must have a board of management comprising 17 board members of which 9 of them had to come from the  parents’ association.

“Some school principals in Voi have been a headache towards this end as they are refusing to be affiliated to the Kenya National Parents Association(KNAP) headed by Musau Ndunda, but I am telling them that so far, this is the umbrella parents’ body and unless they form their schools BOM’s to include parents representatives they risk having their accounts frozen,” said Machora.

The education official made the remarks at Allan Mjomba Secondary school during the formation of the schools BOM as per the education act. The school is the first in Voi district to elect a BOM in  line with KNAPs regulations.

Machora said that under this arrangement out of 17 BOM members 9 were from parents association meaning that parents had a big role in the running of  school affairs.

“Parents now have a bigger role in the running of schools, while the ministry of education will largely play the role of oversight and coordination,” said Machora.

Sharp divisions have emerged over the affiliation of parents representatives to the KNAP, with some school heads claiming that it was not mandatory that the association should represent all the parents in the country.

There was a heated exchange between some school principals and Musau Ndunda when he toured Voi sub-county and met teachers at the Voi Dan Mwazo CDF Hall.

“The KNAP should come to us in a charm offensive and not to dictate terms. What we know is that we can belong to other parents association and not necessarily(Musau) Ndunda’s outfit”, one principal remarks.

Reacting to the teachers' sentiments, Mr Ndunda said according to the law, teachers could belong to other parents association but so far KNAP was the legally constituted parents umbrella body in the country.

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