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Echoes of innocence: A poem about my childhood days



(A poem about my childhood days)


The rocks and ridges rose

Right out of our childhood mood;

In awe they held us we young

Watching them caressing the sky,

And all we young in wonderment

Always wondering why

The landforms lay in wakeless slumber.


In mute amusement we watched

The far off forests being devoured

By flames of furious fires,

Though we knew not who torched

That abode of beasts and birds,

But marveled meekly

At the infernal ferocity

That broke the boughs

Into mounds of ashes.


…And we merely musing

Over our past forest forays

When we drove the cattle grazing

And we would hew wood

And wild grains gather,

Foraging for fat fruits and nuts

And nests with big bird eggs,

That were fresh and good

So that back home we could

Make them part of our food.


There were days when rains would rage

Rattling roofs and shaking shelters

Loosening soils and uprooting rocks,

Scattering way hay and destroying dung;

Destabilizing tables, jarring jugs

Sending children and chicken cooing

Recoiling under the beds and barns.


Anger of heavenly elements reigned

In seamless celestial might

Clashing and clanking and cracking

Like dynamite destroying rock to grit.


…and thunder coiled under cumulus clouds

Lighting lingering and flickering forth

Bathing the land in  fleeting flashes.


…and scared stiff we would once again

Hide in the old hut and huddle tight

Softly singing songs against the rain

And scaring things hat walked at night.


And the enraged rivers would recede

To the low lying lands;

Down the deep dangling valleys

As cacophonous cascades clashed

Quickly cracking on resistant rocks.


…and Mama’s sublime melody;

A lingering lullaby for our little Linah

Our bonny baby slowly sliding into slumber.


Then Mama would make a mealie meal

With sheep tripe ;

To satiate me and my elder sister Esther

My dear dad and Kali our cat

Then we would hit the deck

Into sweet and subtle dreams delve

To rise at dawn as early as five.


…and dad daily bade us be

Children of charm and cheer by choice

Never fussing and frowning

Over foolish things inspired by malice.


…yet we young and tender in spirit

Would fast forget the fuss

About those from our midst departed

Seeking solace in song and lore.


Limitless laughter lingered large

Glee and glamour beyond compare

Through the days and nights.


And though now old and almost past prime

I still hearken to echoes of childhood chime

Reveling in memories sublime

On many things that occurred from time to time.






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